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rights movement. to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the march on washington. i am proud to stand before you as the first african-american, first woman city administrator. >> [applause] >>thank you. i i am grateful to be inspired and mentored by many great civil rights leaders and my educational leaders which includes usf law school. >> [applause] >> and my family members who have mentored me and have paved the way for me along my career path. i could not have gotten there without them. my greatest inspirations are my parents william little and maria little, and i my greatest inspirations are my parents william little and maria little, and i want to talk about howthey were inspired by the march on washington and dr. king's speech which subsequently has passed on to me. my mother was among the 200,000 people who joined dr. martin they were inspired by the march on washington and dr. king's speech which subsequently has passed on to me. my mother was among the 200,000 people who joined dr. martin luther king on the march on washington 50 years ago and stood up for the rights for freedom.
days five decades ago in front of majestic lincoln memorial in washington dc. the march on washington was an assemblage of people in power converging on washington dc, our nations capital, only occasionally seen every few decades. a quarter of 1 million americans march on washington that hot summer day. each representing thousands and thousands of americans were standing up for both racial equality and job opportunities. across the nation. now i will defer to our main speaker, the man who is there and whose words you will soon hear them up but this was the largest public gathering in washington dc until that time in our nations history. only surpassed by some of the antiwar marches that followed later in the 60s. african-americans, teachers, students, union workers, 30 of all creeds and people of many walks of life, came together to appeal to the conscience of the nation and demand action that would enable the patient to live up to our constitutional ideals. that would free african-americans from the shackles of poverty and discrimination and free all of us from the reality of segrega
for the washington measures i'm the person on that and for the drug purchasing proponent argument no one will be listed on that because we're not moving forward on the family friendly ordinance. let me see if there are are any thoughts on that increase seeing none, can i see a motion >> without objection it passes. and then on the undertook lying motion as amended can we do that same house, same call. without objection the motion is approved as amended >> madam clerk please read the memorials. >> on behalf of the supervisor campos for the late ms. alicia kerry. >> i want to thank you. this is the last board meeting before our august recess and i hope that everyone has a good recess and i want to thank the public and want to take a moment for sfgovtv and for the staff. and what that any more business for the committee >> no, that includes our business. >> with that madam clerk and everyone that includes our test test, test, test, test, test, test, test okay i'd like to call this meeting to order. hello. good afternoon, everyone thank you so much for coming to disaster council
other neighborhood and musical events we host and the chief and i were in washington, d.c. in concert with all if you have provided in those events inform put forth our need for federal support. we're going to continue that effort it's hard in this era sequestration. and i think the public and visitor to our city deserve sa. ao as a result of board president chiu and in constant conversation with our d e m along with the police and fire chief we want to signal to you to make sure our radio systems are updated right away our system is 13 years old a he if you're already on your cell phone you're on the third ongoing years of the changing. we need this up grating we've learned that communication is the first thing we depend upon. and our emergency facilities are necessarily and we'll outline a specific timeframe for that to happen. we're already working on radio systems and the ata and the agencies want to be connected the police and fire and the emergency responders have to have a radio system we can depend on that about so next week we have the gone gate exercise and we're ready for t
and line up at the podium. ~ you will each have two minutes to speak. jeantel washington. keith ward, and carl walter [speaker not understood]. >>> hi, good evening. i have a letter addressed to the board that -- >> i'm sorry, your name? >>> sure, my name is carl walter. i'm an organizer for service employees international, united service workers west, and we represent 40,000 security officers, janitors, airport service workers, and an allied entertainment division across the state of california. i'd like to thank you for allowing me the time to speak to you this evening. and begin by acknowledging the enormous responsibility that all of you share to ensuring the quality of education for the children of san francisco and to have a brighter future for tomorrow. i'm here tonight this evening to talk to you about the contract for security services that went out to bid recently in the district. the district has utilized security services for over 12 years. securitaz is a union company. the union has worked for over a decade in san francisco and across the bay area to improve standards fo
to coincide with the 50 anniversary of the mark on washington. now i'm not sure if anyone from san francisco went to the conference it was last weekend at the chicago state university. i want to put out a call to the churches and the synagogues and the item he lives and the mosques. august 8th of this next month to gather our people to listen to the announcements and talk to the young in the black communities. we want to start with that day as being non-violent. recently we've had a rash of violence. it's going back to before i had taken my job and it's at a critical point. i know that supervisor breed and cowen understand how that is that. we figure if we can have no killing for one day. have a nice vacation and i'll pray for you you're traveling grace. take care of >> are there any other members of the community. seeing none, general public comment is closed. madam clerk read our adoption calendar >> a single role will enact those matters and a matter can be severed. colleagues i'd like to sever item 67 arrest let's take a roll call on the balance of the calendar >> adoption calendar. >
side of washington and stockton. we generally support having four site stops. on this particular case we didn't feel it was safe because at the intersection and one bloke away there's 3 major construction projects that will be going on for several years. if the stop is on the far side it will create gridlock. we feel that further down the line open stockton that there was a variant to not eliminate parking but just to reduce the ladies and gentlemen of the jury, to two wired lanes we think that's a better solution. there's no need to pick a fight by removing parking. and finally we want again to caution that implementing transit signal priority technology can be both a good and bad thing. in chinatown over the last 36 years we found that we always try to reach a balance with the different uses. and if buses always get priority it would create gridlock again. thank you >> thank you. >> good afternoon i was given the privilege of speaking out of order so i'm not the person whose name appears after chin. i'm michael and i live on libl street. i'm an immigrant from the northeast coast.
anniversary of the march on washington which took place august 28th, 1963. i was there in the crowd, leading a delegation of over 50 students from my alma mater, morehouse college when i was a student there. martin luther king, jr., was my mentor and jail mate. he taught only one class in his lifetime, and that was at morehouse the semesters of 1961, '62, a seminar in social philosophy. when i sat at his feet, one thing that impressed me most about his lectures was one concept that was advanced by dr. black man at boston university, of personalism. that idea that all persons in this crusted earth are important, are endued with worth and dignity. and in a government of civil society, we should accord all peoples, those services and amenities that will enable them to develop as fully matured persons. unfortunately, friends, because of the dark past of this nation, not too often african americans have experienced receiving those services that should have been ours which are [speaker not understood] and afforded for all american citizens. i wish to say that it's good for us to go back in history
safe three along the waterfront and not start until washington street but seems we're missing an opportunity to experiment with the in flow of visitors at this time to improve bicycle safety and transit along that route and i don't know if there is a specific answer for that but plant that seed and question. >> in the audience we have [inaudible] from mta and they're work on the bigger bicycle project and we got a grant to design and engineer what would be that exact facility. the america's cup experiment really isn't the true test of that potential because that requires more substantial change toss the sidewalk. what we are learning though from the america's cup experience is the value of separating the bicycles and the pedestrians on the congested part of the embarcadero and that have been a success and i have seen success from simply of painting things green and a separate facility and north of washington and pier 27 and 29 and that is it where the pedestrian volumes are the thickest and giving bicycles space outside the sidewalk but not necessarily taking out the north -
and washington. and internal platting of that block is actually highly irregular and which seems in this particular case that the and the additional distance between the building which is just trying to project the minor expansion in the building which is owned by the dr, and by the dr requestor and it is very interesting to see the platting because the building is set back on the jackson street side are all receding including an increased depth of the mid block open space and the fact that the intrusion in code of the building is really only 5 feet does it not each bring it in any kind of sweat of depth as from the party house and it is for us to comment as to that is appropriate that meets the guidelines that is analyzed by the residential guidelines. and this is modest and appropriate to the circumstance and i move to approve. >> second. >> commissioner antonini. >> i know that the number of statements made by the project sponsor, i just want to verify that this is a talk about it gog only five feet u are going 15 feet from the back of the house and is it true that the existen
-575-9076) 722-728 montgomery street - east side of montgomery street, between washington and jackson streets. assessor's block 0196, lot 30 - request for a certificate of appropriateness >> hello. and so you do have to. >> and do i need to make that announcement. >> okay. >> commissioner hylan needs to make an announcement real quick before we move on. >> on this agenda item arg the firm that i am with prepared in 1998. and the mason evaluation for the building and the agenda item. and conducted with the city attorney and they feel that i do not need to recuse myself since the firm is no longer involved specifically with that project so i will be remaining here. >> and commissioner if i might, you also sat on the arc committee? >> i did not. i was not... >> okay. thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners, the department staff and the project before you this afternoon is a certificate of appropriateness request for a property located at 722 to 728 montgomery street and the project street includes two buildings,, they were designated as landmark numbers 9 and 10 under article ten in 1968 and
to the city attorney's office. and doctor marshall visited all of us to the 50 anniversary in washington that martin luther king addressed look at ago and also many members of the community and the mayor attended and it's a good thing to celebrate that in san francisco. i think there's a lot of connections and they're still the issues of today. and that's it >> anything further please call our next item. >> 2 d commission of schedule of items for further meetings action. >> just a couple next wednesday at the legion of honor at 6:00 p.m. we'll hold our metal of vail ceremony. it gives awards to the heroic police officers for this year september 4th. and september 11th we'll be back at city hall room 4 hundred >> inspector in terms of the calendar is it correct that we're not having a community meeting in september because of that? >> in lieu of the ceremony correct and so could we schedule to put on the agenda for the fourth wednesday meeting in september i think it's the 25th the scheduling resolution please. you're welcome. >> i think i have to wait to be recognized. >> all right
on those two days - >> at washington 840. >> speaking foreign language). >> at the time there was two incidents in those two days where there was some arrests on some gun shooting incidents. >> ) - (speaking foreign languag language). >> where they investigation has never been finished even though the police i involved in the organization was closed because of the incident and it's been 9 months. >> (speaking foreign language). >> that occupies us from visiting the association and enjoying our freedom. >> (speaking foreign language). >> this may when we have the consultant of the chinese came visiting i was trying to have a chance to greet the console but i was prevented from doing so. >> (speaking foreign language). >> i asked the person i have been a member for over 20 years in good standing i have never been involved in any illegal activities why are you preventing me from meeting the console? >> so the rely was in order to prevent the console no any other people can be allowed entry. >> (speaking foreign language). >> during the process even though there was schedules o
washington street which is just to the south of 3871 jackson. and my wife and children and i have lived at this property for almost 20 years. we have seen a lot of remodels in our area. and we have never had to come before this commission. we have always figured out how to work with our neighbors. we were, we had a meeting after some confuse about the review process with mr. navy and the project manager and we requested that they come to our house and we hosted them at our house to review the plans. we had our neighbor with us as well who is here and has the comments as well. to review the comments as well. we raised a lot of concerns about the size of the remodel and as they were stated earlier, it would dramatically change the mid block open space and infringe on our privatecy in a large way, my daughter's bedroom is on the rear side of the house and so the large open windows would pier right into her bedroom and we are not comfortable with that at all. it did not seem appropriate to have a long discussion at that time, we had just met our neighbor for the first time and so we wanted
nancy pelosi and dining feinstein are holding down the for the in washington. welcome to leroy king and also the executive director of the office of investment and a infrastructure (clapping) and we're board members (calling names) also, we would like all the members of the shipyard advisory committee to stand up. this day wouldn't be possible without i (clapping) >> we'd like to welcome michael executive director of the building trade. sorry michael for blowing our name there. today, we're here to launch the construction of the new homes for the bay hunters community. today is the start for 14 hundred imply homes thirty percent of them will be affordable housing. and can you get a discount on getting a house. approximately 25 acres of parks and trails and open space with those spectacular views and programs to gunmen the community. small business assistance and home ownership opportunities and, of course, the preference of the shipyards artist colony. i'll so happy about that (clapping) >> there's much to celebrate so let us begin. we have an accomplished agreement and he works a
with eliminating routes lightly served routes like the area of jackson. i would on washington about a year. again quantifiably how that impacts the investment i can't say. i i know in mire neighborhood there's been discussions about changing is 48 back when it was still the 11 hoffman and changes to the 37 and 35. again, if there's a balance in terms of the number of people that can be served i think the environmental impact is okay. and it's close to the end of what i'm going to say i hope the mta carries on after this document has been approved. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners. i'm daniel. i'm speaking for myself today normally we serve to unit neighborhoods but i'm findings that some of the mta proposals are pitting us against each other. that's having an environmental effe effect. i live on barker street and my neighborhood has hospitals and churches and schools and hills so steep that cars are not allowed and sidewalks are stairways. the proposal would just take the 3 jackson and make it evaporate leaving cars to pick up the slack. my great grandparents took the jackson stree
to state issues, we do retain the services of a lobbyist in washington, d.c. to advocate on our behalf. currently the firm is holland and knight and our lead advocate there is a woman named eve o'tool who has represented city for many years. similar to state issues, that fluid information sharing that i described is critical is making sure that the city's priorities are most effectively advocated for. and with that, that's a brief overview on state and federal legislative issues and the process behind that and happy to answer any questions you might have. >> thank you, kelly. bureau chief we go to commissioner josefowitz, any questions, thoughts, comments from our sponsor, commissioner gravanis? >> thank you, that was really informative, something we should have known a long long time. it was a clear presentation. thanks very much. >> commissioner josefowitz. >> thanks very much, that was interesting. i just had a few questions. and the first one was how can we be more help as a commission, more helpful to you in your work as you sort of take san francisco's position up to sacramento o
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 158 (some duplicates have been removed)

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